Automotive Language Technologies Empowering The Automotive Industry

By | August 16, 2016

The automotive industry has expanded their market globally by producing original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket parts in Europe and Asia. The ever-changing need and increased demand for environment friendly, high-quality vehicles are a result of widespread use of the Internet and a result of people becoming more quality conscious and environmentally sound. With supply chains spanning the world, the automotive industry has a wide global footprint, making effective communication a major factor in the success of any enterprise from the automotive industry.

The automotive industry also faces a global challenge of being able to develop a demand market in new market zones for every new product launched. This however requires that the product manual, product promotions and campaigns satisfy the local market demands. Communication thus becomes the key determinant for success and many enterprises make use of automated translation technology to localize the content for public consumption. Even for enterprises with a global supply chain, balancing the operational cost while staying ahead of competition is challenge. The use of the right technology solutions will help manufacturers with efficient global communication and will facilitate a valuable increase in efficiency and productivity.

In some enterprises, localization managers and their teams struggle to meet the demands of translating high volumes of content into various target languages within a specified time span. Technological innovations over the years have helped the development of instant translation of the content as soon as it is fed into a system. Such automated translation solutions will help translation professionals to deliver high-quality translations.

Leading service providers have developed enterprise translation server which enables enterprises with easy and faster access to the global market, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage and maximize the market share and drive global revenue. These translation management solutions further provide the automotive industry with a robust and scalable system which can either be hosted on-premise or as software-as-a-service.

These servers besides being armed with scalable architecture is the centralized seat of a translation memory which significantly helps to reduce costs by simplifying the multilingual content reuses across global partners vendors and customers. These solutions help enterprises achieve cost reduction and increase brand equity by:

Maintaining brand consistency across multiple channels and languages
Engaging customers with information available in a wide array of languages
Improving the quality of translations and streamlining the process by automating the manual tasks with the help of language technologies
Ensuring localized documentation and information reflects and supports the quality of products and branding in every global market

Automotive language technologies thus enables global automotive enterprises to efficiently engage customers in their chosen language, manage their brand and drive global revenue.

Languages are the medium of communication and translation is the process of communicating the meaning of a source language text to a target language text. Translation came into existence after written literature came into use and human translators with their spill-over of source language idiom and usage play a major role in the way most of the languages have been shaped.

Over the past few years cyberspace has gained increased prominence. Today, the way in which an organization can present itself online can have a great influence on its business expansion opportunities.

Today’s business enterprise is ready to spread its wings far and wide. As organizations expand to newer markets on a global level, it becomes necessary to cater to the requirements of a new set of customers. That calls for translation of product reviews, manuals, journals and all descriptive text that help them understand the product or service.